About Grey Sunshine

Dana Van Daele 1A Colorado native and nature lover at heart, Dana Van Daele brings a western flare to the contemporary accessories market.

Her love of fashion began in preschool, always demanding to pick out her own clothes for school, even though what she chose made parents everywhere gasp – to being the go-to-girl today, with a heartbeat on style and fashion, helping clients decide what to wear, and how to wear it.

Dana’s fashion career began after graduating with an Apparel Design degree from Kansas State University, with a big move to Los Angeles. After designing and working for more than a few clothing designers like Allen B. Schwartz, she made the move from apparel design to handbag and diaper bag design, and found her true passion.

In 2007, she made a giant leap from the West Coast to New York City to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology to study Accessory Design. The two years of studying (shopping), and playing (shopping) in the Big Apple allowed Dana to develop her own personal style – a twist of modern trends with a touch of western flare. That Rocky Mountain style brought Dana back to her home state of Colorado, where waking up everyday to see those beautiful Rocky Mountains gives her the inspiration and drive to create amazingly unique accessories.

Love Hue Dana PhotoThe name “Grey Sunshine” is a true play on words, perpetuating from two of Dana’s favorite things; a well-worn grey t-shirt that she wears continuously, and her ever pursuant chase to find somewhere where the sun is shining. In true Dana fashion, she has also related the name “Grey Sunshine” to finding strength and joy even in the hardest of days.

Grey Sunshine handbags are made strictly from leathers found in her home state. From Elk, Deer, Buffalo, Lamb, and Cow Hides, almost all the bags have a rugged appearance, with lots of handwork from weaving, lacing, to braiding. Some bags are dressed with turquoise stones, vintage and oversized wooden buttons, or one-of-a-kind treasures. Her bags can be worn everywhere from the Stock show, on the ranch, to a night out on the town.

Dana puts her heart, soul, and her personal touch into each bag. She hopes you enjoy wearing them, as much as she does creating, and making them.

Love Hue Heart

“Don’t be afraid to put a little Grey in your Sunshine!”

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